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Hands down, job applicants with internship experience are far better candidates than those without. GlobalEd’s internship programs allow you to focus on acquiring international work experience relevant to your academic discipline while learning a second language, receiving coaching and Myers Briggs Training to build your self-awareness, teamwork and leadership skills. Participate in a summer program or contact us to create a custom duration session. This type of program is ideally suited for undergraduate students and recent graduates seeking a resume boosting experience.

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International Internship FAQs

Are internships guaranteed?

Yes. GlobalEd guarantees internships to program participants in fields related to their academic discipline. In most cases, we are able to place students prior to arrival. Although we have a 100% placement record, if we are unable to provide you with an internship within the parameters discussed in our post-acceptance interview we will provide you with a full refund, including the application fee.

Are internships paid?

The vast majority of our internship opportunities are non-paying positions. GlobalEd puts academics at the forefront of all of our programs and, therefore, does not place priority in seeking positions that are strictly paid. There are times, however, when we are able to provide paid internships such as teaching English in China or for internships in Paris that last over three months.

What's included in the fees?

Our program participants can expect many of the following amenities from our programs worldwide: airport pick up, medical insurance, cultural and program orientation, housing options, enrollment in local universities, internship placements, Myers-Briggs training, On-site experienced staff, 24/7 emergency phone, activities and excursions.

Will I earn credits?

There are a variety of options available to students to receive credit for an international internship: Through your home University, through the host institution where you plan to take classes or through GlobalEd's partner universities. Furthermore, GlobalEd works closely with home universities that have special requirements in order to award credit for an international internship.

Will I have free time?

GlobalEd's internship programs are designed to provide you with exposure to a work environment related to your academic discipline, but also to give you opportunities to interact with locals and practice the local language. For this reason the time dedication to internships may range from 20 hours to 35 hours per week. Many of our internship programs also have a language component whereby you can take language classes in the morning and work in the afternoons. Please contact a GlobalEd representative to discuss these options in more detail.

Learning Objectives

  • On-the-job Experience
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Self Confidence
  • Language Proficiency

Global Education and Career Development Abroad is a leading resource for undergraduates and recent graduates seeking to enhance their education, increase their linguistic and cultural competency, develop marketable skills related to their academic discipline and empower their resume through study abroad and international internship opportunities.


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